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supply chain solutions for small business supply chain


forecisely forecasting and inventory planning supply chain software for small business

Demand Forecasting

Predict consumer demand for goods or services based on historical sales data. Forecisely™ helps you keep the right amount of stock on hand and drive your plans for demand, supply, purchasing, manufacturing, material requirements, and financials. 

Forecisely™ provides you with an intuitive interface and proper integration with your company data, whether it is manually or automatically entered into our system.


Demand Forecast - Uses our unique "best method" statistical forecasting that analyzes the data to  provide more accurate forecasting predictions.

Flexible Manual Adjustments - Allow changes and reevaluations to your existing forecasts leveraging the users knowledge and expertise.

Seasonality and Percent Change - Apply user defined seasonality and percentage changes to a single item or a group of items to generate "peaks and valleys" of demand.

Revenue Planning - Generate forecast and inventory projections in user defined units of measure (UOM).

Inventory Planning

Determine the precise quantity and timing of inventory replenishment based upon statistical forecasts and scientific safety stock calculations.


Demand Forecast - Use historical sales data with optional manual adjustments to create the best models to meet consumer demand.

Projected Inventory Levels - Find the most efficient quantity of items to carry in your inventory.

Calculate and display inventory levels for future periods based on current inventory, incoming supply, and forecasted demand.

Order Planning - Determine which products to order based on demand forecasts. Maintain target inventory levels and ensure inventory capacity is utilized accurately. 

Calculate an optimized order proposal with reorder points.

Stockout/Overstock Reduction - Easily see when inventory levels are short or over stocked in order to ensure your inventory is optimal.

Forecisely sales forecast results screen
Forecisely order projections inventory screen

Approved by Supply Chain Professionals

"This software simplifies your ability to forecast and project inventory management in a much more detailed way."

Todd McCarroll

VP of Sales 

Charmax of America  

"Forecisely is  an easy to use software package, that would be helpful to small companies to plan better."

Emeka Anyadiegwu 

Vice President Production 

Obioma Fashion 

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