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(FREE limited Forecisely ™ Cloud trial version and live unlimited Windows® Application now available below. Live unlimited Cloud and Mobile versions coming soon)

  • Forecisely™ Cloud: FREE Trial Access

    Limited Trial of Web-based On-Demand Version (no credit card required)
    Free Plan
    • Fully functional free trial has the following limitations:
    • 1) limited to processing one item only
    • 2) can only be used on one device at a time
    • 3) data saved to device being used only for single session
    • 4) runs on any desktop/laptop/phone with a browser
  • Forecisely™ Windows® Application

    Unlimited, Single Device App
    • Fully functional with no item limit and no ads.
    • 1) can only be used on one device at a time.
    • 2) data can only be saved to device being used.
    • 3) runs on desktop/laptop running Windows® operating system
  • Forecisely™ Cloud

    Every month
    Unlimited, Web-based On-Demand Enterprise Application
    • No software to install or maintain. Just "pay as you go".
    • 1) app and data accessed and securely stored on the cloud
    • 2) multi-platform, networked and runs on phone, laptop, etc
    • 3) runs on various popular operating systems with browser
Forecisely supply chain planning software for small to medium sized businesses
Forecisely - Supply Chain Planning for small businesses of all types
Forecisely is coming soon to mobile phone app stores (Forecisely Cloud also runs on mobile phones in a browser)

Get a Mobile version:

Forecisely will soon be available on Google Play (Forecisely Cloud currently runs on mobile phones in broswers as well)
Forecisely will soon be available on iPhone App Library (Forecisely Cloud currently runs on mobile phones in browsers now)
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