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Forecast your sales and inventory needs more precisely with a new multi-platform app that is affordable and easy to install and use. Great for the small business owner in today's volatile environment.
forecasting and inventory planning application

Mult-Platform Application

Forecisely Supply Chain Planning app for small businesses
Forecisely - sales forecasting and purchasing web based on demand SaaS software for small retail and e-commerce




Forecisely - "Forecast more precisely"
Forecisely Cloud - sales forecasting and inventory planning web based, on demand, SaaS system for small to small businesses

Or, if you are too busy to check out the Forecisely™ Limited Trial web application right now, just send us up to 24 time periods of sample data for 10 items or less and we will generate forecasts for you to evaluate at your leisure...

Supply Chain Planning application specifically designed for small retailers, distributors and e-tailers to reduce your inventory and sell more products. 

Features integrated Sales Forecasting and Inventory Planning modules.



Forecisely™ is an affordable, easy to implement and use application that runs on multiple platforms (mobile phone, desktop, laptop or tablet). 

Forecisely™ runs in the Cloud using a web browser (no software to install or maintain...just "pay as you go") or download our Windows® version instead. The choice is yours. 

Integrates with popular options such as Microsoft Excel, Intuit QuickBooks, databases, etc.

forecisely enterprise forecasting and inventory planning software for small businesses






According to US Small Business Administration, only 44% of small businesses survive for over 4 years (and 50% fail in their first year alone). 

Lack of cash flow and demand is a main reason that small businesses fail. 

This should come as no surprise when you consider all the cash required for fixed costs, stock and inventory when starting and operating a small business.

When ordering new and replenishment inventory it is important to make an informed decision on how much you need of what stock and when you need it. 

Without analysis, you are likely to end up with too much or too little stock, meaning you may miss sales opportunities or increase storage costs to house the excess stock.

Inaccurate forecasts can result in underordering or overordering, which both have negative consequences. 

Small businesses will often run out of one type of product resulting in "lost sales", while having a surplus of another, resulting in excess holding costs. 

This is due to issues with their safety stock, which is the backup inventory kept as a failsafe against demand fluctuations and supply chain uncertainty.

Forecisely™ will improve sales forecasts with our unique "best method" backwards forecasting technique which the user can then override with their own knowledge and expertise, if they desire.

The app will then help place new/re-orders using the current forecast, inventory and purchase order information using a scientific safety stock calculation.

forecisely supply chain planning for small business
Forecisely - supply chain planning web based on demand SaaS actual screen
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